The Best of Santa Rosa De Copan and Collaborating with Social Media Influencers

The Best of Santa Rosa De Copan and Collaborating with Social Media Influencers


  24 hours after a surprise email from Honduras is Great & Del Timbo al Tambo, We were in an Explorer van headed West, 115 miles from Tegucigalpa- to explore the best of Santa Rosa de copan

by: danijoxo

Videography by: @Skyfie Productions



>> checking inTO COMFORT 

 hotel elvir: 

 As we drove down the cobblestone road that led us to our hotel for the next 3 days we were excited to explore the beauty that this town has to offer.

Hotel Elvir offers 43 comfortable rooms for their guests- multiple workspace areas and a unique rooftop Pool with Stunning views of Santa Rosa. 

hotel elvir.jpg
DSC00715 copy.jpg

>> ending on a good note 

  Festival Gastronomico

A great way to end the day, After meeting with our new friends at a nearby coffee shop @Cafe De Las Velas- we explored a festival downtown hosted by canaturh santa rosa de copan- As they welcomed our arrival, and we enjoyed Music and dancing from the oldest marimba band of Honduras. #laMarimba!

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Exploring local coffee: 

>> A Family Tradiition :

Hacienda montecristo

Hacienda Montecristo, is a family operated coffee plantation that sits upon acres of farmland.  with one of their their main clients being the popular Starbucks, they have built a large  reputation for their products for centuries. We got an exclusive tour of their farm and horses. :)

DSC00456 copy copy.jpg
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DSC06003 copy.jpg

>> unique Coffee Plantations

cafe rural Seis valle

Just outside of Santa Rosa de Coan we arrived at Cafe Rural Seis Valley, This family owned establishment grows their coffee on site and gave us a private tour of their incredible properties and an insight as to how their coffee is produced.

DSC00536 copy copy.jpg
DSC00500 copy.jpg
DSC00532 copy copy.jpg
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DSC00562 copy1.jpg
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>> Hidden Coffee Gem!

Kaldi's Coffee

This charming little coffee shop, hidden down a cobblestone side street near Central Park, offers some of the bES coffee we have tried in Santa Rosa De Copan. along with your coffee- feel free to order one of the many delicious desserts and pastries. You Must Check out @Kaldi's Coffee

DSC00621 copy copy.jpg



  Local Hangouts & Lifestyle

>> taking lots of pictures

Central Park 

Santa Rosa Copan offers a beautiful park just a few blocks away from Hotel Elvir. Our group explored the beauty of this area, checking into social media, updating Instagram Stories & taking lots of photography & Videography along the way.

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ice cream with a smile!

find this guy in the park an he will put a smile on your face! >>


Gastronomica & Local cuisine's 


>> Best roasted Pig In Town!

La Casa De Dona

our team of Influencers stopped for lunch at the house of Dona Olimpia. a business handed down to family for Nearly half of a Century. This place Still continues to Make a delicious family recipe and something You have to try- Their Roasted Piglet dishes. 

DSC00665 copy.jpg

>> Getting Creative in the kitchen!

Lenca Maya Restaurante

Located In the middle of Santa Rosa de Copan is a unique Adobe style House with mayan walls and rustic floors- You can enjoy Indian and traditional meals prepared straight from their charcoal grill & barbeques. We learned how to make Homemade Tortillas 



Adventure into nature

>> Just outside the city

Hondura hike 

 Just a 5 minutes car ride from Hotel Elvir awaits an amazing adventure into nature. A few of us went this early morning expedition hike at "Microcuenca La Hondura" called the "eagle Hike" approx 5 km long, where you can find many species of birds, trees, and not to mention incredible viewpoints.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 9.55.27 PM.jpg
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